A note to 2021

So, when this year has started we had nowhere to go, all the workplaces, schools, and colleges, were shut down and everyone was trying their best to find an escape into one another and during that time I decided to make it happening for kids at home, to sow a seed of hope in them that this year would be amazing and to bring into life that idea of being alive we prepared some decors with light, music, and snacks, to make it all fun at home our very own new year party because I believed that nothing can prevent us from being happy and this has gone by quite amazingly.
After facing all of the coldness of winters uncertainty had started to set in where everything was unusual, people had lots of free time, they were on their own, and period of quietness got stretched so much so, that our mind got encircled with a lot of thoughts including past traumas and future worries, after sometime things started to leave meaning for us because everything was falling apart and we had little or no idea about fixing them rightly, I had deleted my photography page because I had no motivation to continue with it and I deleted my personal account after sometime because social media was doing more harm than good to repair my thoughts so, I decided to take a long break from that and I started falling in love with reading, writing, praying, and keeping myself busy in everyday chores and this has worked as some healing mechanism for me which has backed me during my lows and highs.
Everything has been shifted upside down, there was some new normal the way we were studying and working has been changed, from reality to virtuality the way of seeing, perceiving, and connecting with the world became distant but this distance has given us the opportunity to connect with our inner self, to look deep down into our aching heart which has been broken so many times and all of feeling of pain was neglected by us only, so I kept the projector off and decided to live all the time by being present, to connect with the situations, person, and emotions around because this is how you experience life for real by being true to yourself.
When I decided to live for myself then what I actually wanted to do was to give time, space, and care, to my wounded heart and to learn all the healthy coping mechanisms for living life as lovingly as I can, this has not only made me patient, but this patience is helping me in understanding and responding to things in a better way, so the resolution for every year would be to live everyday by being present, to take rest when needed, to strive for happiness and contentment at the end of the day.

P.S. – I don’t know if you can relate with this but the end of the year feels saddening to me as if 365 days spent is slipping away at once.


We are torn between
the bliss of homegrown
and the fear of unknown,

It is the settled sand where
palms are noted and ways are shown
for it can get all messy
when the wind is blown,

It is the clear guidance that
fingers should be placed
between roses and thorns,
because it is the true wisdom
to realize the message of our folklores,

It says that to protect
the beauty of the roses
thorns cannot be left behind unborn,
we fear the unknown of what is blooming right now
soon will be begone.
~ Daisy

On guard

I will exhaust myself to death
by rummaging around various absurdities,
but I don’t feel like talking about them,
I will be wandering all day long
and nobody can accompany me inside my head,
I want to see the activities of the strangers
without having the fear of getting noticed,
I want to hear their idea of life
without getting anxious about expressing my own to them,
I want to observe everything closely by gazing at them over and over,
without wanting any stare back,
so I chose to look at trees, rivers, a walking cat, and a sleeping child.
~ Daisy


When it was a call for early winters
the air felt so easy breezy,
When it started to get little more colder
once spirited now feel dizzy and lazy,
I got sure of drawing the energy from the sun,
The creatures when hydrated can continue to run,
During less colder times it shines all day long,
The cows were on the field and chirping can be heard all along,
But now inside is filled with jumping noses and drowsy songs,
Even the sun can’t help when it was a call to face all of the storm.
~ Daisy